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Specialty Coins

Custom Challenge Coins Taken to Another Level

The old traditional round coin has been around since the start of Challenge Coins. As Challenge Coins have become more popular, everyone wants to do something unique and different with their design. Excalibur can work with you to design the best coin possible.   Let us make you a Challenge coin with a custom shape, plating feature, images and functional options that set you apart from the  traditional round coin.  A very popular custom feature is producing a challenge coin that can be used as a bottle opener. This can be achieved by cutting out an area into a round coin or incorporating a bottle opener into the contours of a custom shaped coin. Custom shapes are now a popular custom feature.  If you can describe it we can probably do it.

Custom Challenge Coins Taken to Another Level

Custom Shaped Challenge Coins

Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Dual Platted Challenge Coins