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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read though faqs below still if you have question you can always send us an email to


We send all package via USPS priority mail. 99% of the time the package will be delivered in the next 1-2 days, or it was delivered to the wrong address. If it is not received after 3- 5 days after tracking information says delivered, send us an email to

My Car Badge(s) have become faded

This can be resolved in 5-10 minutes with automotive rubbing compound, polish, brasso, chrome polish, etc. Then apply a coat of automotive wax to protect.

How do I remove the Car Badge(s)?

To remove, use contractors line, fishing line, etc., to get behind the emblem and gentle saw back and forth, clean any left over adhesive with baby oil or vegetable oil, then wash with soap and water.

How do I re-attach the Car Badge(s)?

If an emblem has become loose or you need to transfer it to another vehicle, you can use 3M double sided backing available at hardware stores.  You need to completely remove the old backing, cut to fit the new backing and reapply.

Will a Car Badge damage the paint?

We use 3M double sided adhesive. We have received no complaints of paint being damaged, but it may leave some of the adhesive film when removed. This can be cleaned with an oily product such as baby oil or vegetable oil, then soap and water.

Can you make custom coins and car badges?

Yes, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, plus set-up costs.

What if I have a defective Car Badge or Coin?

We guarantee all of our products against defect.  Please email us at and we will immediately replace it for you.

Excalibur Industries is a Veteran owned and operated business. We specialize in military challenge coins and car badges.

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