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Working with Active Duty, Veterans and Charity Foundations.

Excalibur Industries is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). We make Military Challenge Coins, Car Badges, Pins, Patches & T-Shirt design and sales.

Having great customer service and excellent quality merchandise is our primary goal.


About Excalibur Industries

Excalibur Industries is a 100 % Disabled Veteran Owned Business who specializes in providing services to the military Special Operations community.  Excalibur was started as a way to give back to the veteran community and continues to do so in many ways.  Our company is about serving the military, veterans and those who still serve.

Customers Include:  Special Forces Association, Special Operations Association, Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Special Operations Recruiting Battalion, Green Beret Foundation, Special Forces Charitable Trust, Special Forces Foundation, Special Forces Groups and ODA’s, SFUWO, Combat Divers Foundation and many more.
Having served in a Special Operations unit helps the design and manufacturing process as we know and understand unit and military badges and logos.
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Coin Pricing

Highest quality challenge coins. If you want it, we will make it.

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Specialty Coins

Want to commemorate a specific logo, badge, or shape? We can do it for you.

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Challenge Coin Upgrades

We offer many options and upgrades to make your design a one of a kind.

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Our Process

1. Contact us by phone, email or fax

The first step to ordering custom products with the Excalibur, involves contacting us, just click the get started button anywhere on our site and start your custom product artwork and quote. You provide us information about what you’re looking for in your custom product, and we will get right back to you.

2. We send you Artwork and a Quote

After we receive your information, and have answered any questions you might have, we will begin creating your custom design. Once you’ve received your design and quote, and you approve it, we will get it made for you.

3. Approve, Order, and We Produce

Once your design and quote have been reviewed and finalized, you can approve your order for production. Once production begins, most orders arrive in 7-10 days unless otherwise noted. Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry.


I received my SFA Metal Car crest, and my SF Regimental Coins today, they are truly works of art, I carry my Vietnam 5th SFGA coin, and now will be carrying the color regimental coin. I would like your permission to put comments on them in my column on Facebook, and on several SF sites. I am the past President of the SFA and appreciate your efforts.

Jack Tobin“Croich Honorah”

Please check the website of Excalibur Industries
Owned and operated by member John Joyce, M-11817 Life. He has some great items including a new SFA Logo that is sold to members only with 100% of the proceeds coming to the SFA.

Cliff NewmanExecutive Director - Special Forces Association

I purchased both the Series I and Series II Green Beret Challenge Coin Sets from Excalibur Industries and they are of exceptional quality and design. Having served in 5th SFGA in Viet Nam I also placed a 5th Group Flash-car badge and SF Tab / Patch on my car. However for me the highlight is the II Corps Mike Force Car Badge. What also makes this company special is that its Owner and C.E.O. is a former 1st Group guy and member of SFA Chapter 78 who by the way shares part of the sales proceeds with the national association.

Lonny HolmesEditor - The Sentinel

It has been a long time in SF since a product was so outstandingly thought out and manufactured for our Members/Teams. Thanks for the effort.

John E. Cleckner Sr.DMOR

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Special Forces

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nous defions

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Bottle Openers

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Key Chain

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Special Forces Pins

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Remembrance Chips

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SF Flash Car Badges

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SF SSI and Tab Combo's

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